About Us

At The Date Parlour our aim is to delight our customers with premium quality products that are fairly traded, organically grown and sourced from small-scale farmers while supporting farming communities through trade rather than aid. We are a small business who pride ourselves on uniting together two proud aspects of both British and Middle Eastern culture; quality chocolate and fresh dates.

Here at The Date Parlour, we turn these natural fruits into luxurious bites appropriate for any occasion blending both cultures together finely. We only­­ source organic produce making sure you taste only the best quality.

Our mission is to open up a channel for farmers and manufacturers to market their produce in the UK and internationally. While providing this business link, we aim to be ethical in all transactions, giving farmers and producers fair prices for their goods.

Our Belgian couverture chocolate is made with a high cocoa butter content used by gourmet and culinary professionals all over the world. The whole-bean roasting technique (instead of roasting cocoa kernels) allows the preservation of all the flavors and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk and fully releases them in the chocolate.


 Welcome to the world of The Date Parlour!



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